" You have invented the most fantastic product. My little girl, Grace, is now three and bit, she has been wearing glasses since she was 14 months old. She has been patching 3 days a weeks since 2 years old and finally had an operation in August of this year [2004]. I know exactly what you have been going through with the patching, the tears, the irritation that Grace would get in summer was dreadful and having to take the patch off every night was also a nightmare.

(later in the testimonial letter)...I have also taken the liberty to show this to my local optometrist from where I purchase my daughters glasses; they too agreed it was a fantastic product. "

Di Pearce

" I have been meaning to write for a while and just haven't had a chance to get around to it. I just wanted to say thank you for the patchmate. It is so convenient and easy to use. My eldest twin suffered through the 3M medical tape on his eye for a period of 6 months. With the youngest twin, who's eye condition was diagnosed later, my Opthamologist gave us your pamphlet. Patching has been a non-traumatic experience this time around with the Patchmate and it is a product I would most certainly recommend to others. "


"Im not sure if you know how hard it is to get cloth patches in Aus and how much more pain free and easy you have made childrens lives. I am so happy that I found you and have been telling everyone I can about you (including my daughter, Brooke's optometrist and ophthamologist who are now giving out your web address.) Brooke has now become totally independant with her patching which has made it so much easier especially at school.The designs make it so that children dont mind wearing the patch and it actually becomes a talking point with other children. Brooke's self esteem has improved out of sight and she is just all round happier. Thank you for making our lives so much easier and I am sure you will have the same effect on alot more families. "

Darren Sinclair ,Minchinbury,Sydney.

"Just a massive thank you for your great product. After receiving the patches in the mail only last week, it has already made patching our 3 year old son so much easier. No more tears and tantrums for hours on end. His new patch is so much more comfortable and looks great. I'll be highly recommending your patches to other parents. Thanks Again"


"I just wanted to let you know that I got the patch in the mail today and my daughter (who is 4) wore it this afternoon for her 1 1/2 hours recommended time. It was a great improvement over the 'pirate looking' eye patch with the very uncomfortable elastic band. You have a great product , thanks again, I am glad I found it "


"Hi, Just wanted to let you know that our patches arrived safely & we are really impressed how much easier patching is now with your patches. There are no complaints & the patch stays on for the required time. Thank you so much for your innovative idea - It has made our lives so much easier! Happy to refer you to others- Really wish our opthalmologist had told us about your patches from the start! Thanks again & Best wishes Andrea"


" Thank you for a wonderful product that my son is happy to wear! The sticker patches were a nightmare and left my son with no eyebrows. He is now mister popular with other children wanting one! Will be recommending to other families. "

Stacey, NSW

"I wanted to say thank you so much for creating this product. My daughters specialist recommended we use Patch Mate and we have experienced wonderful results. My four year old looks forward to choosing either her Stars or Dolphin patch every morning, has never removed them from her glasses and her doctor is amazed with the improvement in her sight. The fact that they look so beautiful and are so easy to use has meant that what could have been a really difficult adjustment has instead been extremely smooth. I'm actually back on your website looking for new designs because my daughter thinks of them as a fashion accessory. Thanks again and congratulations on such a wonderful product."

Monique C ( Sept 2013)

"Hello my life savers, Thank you so much for your beautiful products, my little boy was 5 when he first started patching using the sticky patches. He started to have little eye brows left and a red and irritated mark around his left eye. I too had to use the patching method as a child and am so grateful that you have invented this fantastic product. My son loves wearing it. If you have promotional material for advertising I would love to help you by putting them around at optometrists and eye drs around Canberra and Queanbeyan. I truly love it that much. "

Kristy, Queanbeyan, NSW

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